About Papallama

A letter is a hug stuffed in an envelope. Papallama paper goods are designed and printed either in-house with our letterpress machine or digitally/ offset printed in San Francisco.

a letter can change your day

You're shuffling through the mail...

You see a colorful corner peaking out from the pile of junk mail and bills. It's a letter, addressed to you from your dear friend that you haven't seen in what now feels like forever. 

You tear the envelope in excitement.

You see your friend’s handwriting. Maybe it has deep conversations written, or maybe it's something silly, or even a little doodle. Or all of the above. Isn't that what the best friendships are like? All of the above? You read the sign off and snap back into reality. You close it and leave it somewhere you can see. Your fridge, your desk, tacked up on a wall, or even left on a corner of the table because seeing that card serves as a reminder. You are loved.

A letter feels like a hug for the heart, stuffed into an envelope, from someone you love far (or not so far) away.

That's why I create these cards. That’s why I write. I really do believe in the power of letters.

Meet Our Team:

We may be small, but we're mighty!


When she’s not wearing all the hats in the business, she’s chasing rainbows and planing her next craft adventure. She's the one cranking up the tunes, singing to your cards to make sure each card is infused with good vibes. Current obsession? Making ceramic dishware with breakfast food shapes. Check out her personal IG page: @Risa_Iwasaki_Culbertson


Resident grump. He may be made out of fabric and ping pong balls, but he somehow continues to inspire the team daily. His pastimes include: sighing, eyerolling, and complaining about coffee prices.


Magician. When she’s not wrangling spreadsheets, packing up orders, and making sure all the ducks are in a row, she’s working hard getting a joint Master’s Degree in Public Policy and MBA. Jill also happens to make the best pies.